Tribunal Judge Rejects Bribe, Gives Stern Warning To Deter Future Attempts



In a remarkable display of integrity and unwavering commitment to justice, Justice Flora Azinge, the chairperson of the Kano State National and State Houses of Assembly Election Petition Tribunal, recently made headlines by rejecting a brazen attempt at bribery. The incident unfolded in open court, just before the commencement of a session in Kano, leaving spectators and legal practitioners in awe of her principled stance.

Tribunal Judge Rejects Bribe, Gives Stern Warning To Deter Future Attempts

Addressing the court with a palpable mix of disappointment and determination, Justice Azinge highlighted her frustration over the persisting presence of unethical practices, particularly among senior lawyers. While the identity of the Senior Advocate of Nigeria (SAN) attempting the bribe was not disclosed, it was revealed that the same SAN had a pending case before the tribunal.

Azinge’s words carried a stern warning to those involved in the alleged bribery scheme. She condemned the act and invoked a powerful invocation that seemed to resonate beyond the courtroom: “Whoever collects money on my behalf, God will punish that person and his generation yet unborn — to the fourth generation.” This assertion underscored the severity with which she regarded the attempts to compromise her integrity.

The judge’s speech also addressed the broader narrative surrounding the judiciary and corruption. She acknowledged the public perception that judges might be susceptible to bribery and expressed her frustration boldly over the issue, revealing the toll that these actions take on the reputation of the judiciary.

Crucially, Justice Azinge’s declaration echoed her resolute commitment to upholding justice without compromise. She declared, “Let me repeat again that nobody should approach me with money again. I’m contented with what God has given me, and I have a roof over my head.” Her words stood as a beacon of hope, assuring the public that justice would prevail despite any attempts to sway its course.

The incident involving Justice Flora Azinge serves as a powerful reminder that the pillars of justice are upheld by individuals like her, who stand firmly against corruption and uphold their ethical duty with the highest integrity. This courageous act not only puts a spotlight on the prevailing challenges within the legal system but also signals a message to future wrongdoers: bribery has no place in the pursuit of justice.

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