Trouble For Keyamo: Pakistani Drug Lord Who He Defrauded Of $400,000 Set Free From US Jail



Mr Keyamo Was A Criminal Lawyer Prior His Appointment As Nigeria’s Minister Of State For Labour & Employment

A Pakistani millionaire drug baron Mr Muhammad Khalid Khan, who Nigeria’s current minister of state for Labour & Employment, Festus Keyamo defrauded of $400,000 in a fake ploy to prevent Khan’s extradition to the United States has been granted early release from US jail. According to an eye witness who was a cellmate to the drug baron and Correction Officers present on the day of Mr Khan’s extradition from Kuje prison, he kept on screaming for Keyamo to return his money. The money which was in excess of $400,000 was paid in tranches to the former EFCC lead prosecutor to facilitate the prevention of his extradition to the US for drug related and money laundering offenses.

In an article we published on 24/04/2023, we detailed how Mr Keyamo came in contact with Mr Khan, and how he was promised by Keyamo that he(Khan) won’t be extradited to the United States, a ploy which would later be discovered to be fraudulent as Mr Keyamo had no such powers and made no effort to bring to reality.

Khan was first arrested in 2019 upon his arrival in Nigeria for drug trafficking charges

Khan was first arrested in 2019 upon his arrival in Nigeria after intelligence was relayed to the DSS and NDLEA from the United States as he was a wanted international drug trafficker at the time, he was subsequently kept in Kuje prison from whence he would later be extradited to the United States.

According to court documents obtained by Reportera News Nigeria, Mr Khan who was supposed to serve his sentence until November 2024 was granted a compassionate release after meeting certain demands as required by the US law, his good behavior and documented reform after taking 37 courses on humanity being two of the major reasons he was allowed to walk fee a year to his scheduled release.

It is believed that Mr Khan will now confront Keyamo to get back the money he paid to prevent this jail time in the US which Keyamo took and blatantly didn’t fulfill his part of the agreement.


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