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Ubang: The Town Where Men and Women Speak Different Languages



Have you ever considered the existence of a town where men and women speak different languages? Well, such is the case with the Ubang people. In this article, we will delve into the distinctive attributes of this town and explore what makes them truly unique.

Join us on this captivating journey. Ubang is situated in the Ogbudu local government area of Cross River state in Nigeria.

Ubang: The Town Where Men and Women Speak Different Languages

During a visit to Ubang, through engaging discussions with the locals, it was revealed that the men and women speak distinct languages. The table below highlights some of the variations in their languages:

The variations in the language spoken by the men and women of Ubong

The Ubang people firmly believe that Adam and Eve, the first man and woman created by God, were Ubang natives. “As God was creating this earth, he said he wants to share two languages with each tribe,” shared one of the residents of Ubang.

This cultural phenomenon is particularly extraordinary, as no other known culture in the world features men and women speaking different languages. Unraveling the enigma behind this linguistic divergence raises intriguing questions: How do these people coexist? How do they foster unity? How do they approach marriage and child-rearing?

In an attempt to shed light on these inquiries, a native of the land was consulted, who revealed that when a male child is born, he is entrusted to the care of his mother. The mother ensures that he learns the female language. Consequently, the first language every male child in Ubang learns and speaks is that of the females.

However, one might wonder how they acquire proficiency in the male language. The answer lies in the expectation that every male child in Ubang will eventually transition from speaking the female language to the male language.

There comes a certain age or level of maturity at which every male child in Ubang is required to switch to the male language. The community views it as a significant abnormality if a male child reaches this stage and resists embracing the change.

Although one might assume that this cultural heritage holds a special place in the hearts of the people, a startling revelation indicates that they are indifferent to the potential extinction of their language.

They emphasize that almost everyone in the community speaks English, effectively bridging any potential language barriers. The preservation of the language culture holds little importance to them. Their focus is solely on the fact that their understanding of the English language allows for effective communication.

This disregard for the preservation of their unique culture raises concerns among certain members of the community. They fear that someday the English language will dominate and eradicate this distinct culture.

In response, advocates have emerged, proposing various strategies to ensure the continuity of this cultural heritage among future generations. Suggestions include making the language a mandatory subject in local schools, producing a documentary to showcase this unique culture, and involving the Hollywood and Nollywood industries in promoting it through film.

The efforts the Ubang community will make to preserve this culture and how long it will endure remain to be seen. However, one certainty remains: this is undeniably one of the most remarkable cultures in existence.

If you find this topic intriguing, consider visiting the community someday to experience this distinctive culture firsthand. Ubang is merely a short drive from the Ogbudu Cattle Ranch in Cross River state. It is an exploration worth embarking on to gain a deeper understanding of a culture where men and women speak different languages.

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