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Unconstitutional Plot Unveiled: Speaker’s Bid to Favor Yoruba Natives Sparks Outrage



The shocking revelation of Speaker Mudashiru Obasa’s plan to pass laws benefiting only Yoruba natives in Lagos State’s socioeconomic sectors has ignited a firestorm of controversy. Gbadebo Rhodes-Vivour, the Lagos State Labour Party candidate for governor, has condemned the Speaker’s unconstitutional agenda, asserting that it violates several key provisions of the Nigerian constitution. This article explores the details of the controversial plan, the reactions it has garnered, and the potential implications for unity and equality in Nigeria.

Gbadebo Rhodes-Vivour
Gbadebo Rhodes-Vivour

Speaker Mudashiru Obasa’s plan to enact legislation and regulations favoring Yoruba natives in terms of property acquisition and business has raised serious concerns. Rhodes-Vivour, a prominent political figure, vehemently criticized the Speaker’s actions, accusing him of jeopardizing the state’s economic expansion and undermining the citizens’ authority.

Rhodes-Vivour pointed out that the Speaker’s proposed laws directly contradict the Nigerian constitution, which upholds the principles of fairness, equality, and justice. The constitutional recognition of citizenship ensures that all citizens, regardless of their ancestry or culture, have the right to own and use property. By attempting to reverse property rights in favor of indigenous people, the Speaker disregards the fundamental tenet of treating all individuals equally before the law.

The Speaker’s divisive agenda poses a significant risk to Nigerian national unification and unity. By advocating for laws that segregate citizens based on their ethnicity, the Speaker undermines the inclusiveness and social cohesion that Nigeria values. Additionally, the proposed legislation could negatively impact investment, economic expansion, and general prosperity in Lagos State. Foreign and local investors may be discouraged by such discriminatory practices, eroding faith in the state’s economy and impeding growth.

Rhodes-Vivour emphasizes the importance of safeguarding property rights, as they are vital for individual and economic empowerment. The proposed laws not only contradict the spirit of the Nigerian Constitution but also send a negative message to investors, hindering the state’s progress and potential. Instead of pursuing divisive and unconstitutional bills, the Speaker should focus on legislation that promotes inclusivity, social justice, and the overall welfare of all residents of Lagos State.

Rhodes-Vivour urges all citizens, including Lagosians, civil society organizations, and senior statesmen, to oppose the unconstitutional bill. The focus should be on addressing pressing issues such as youth unemployment and the misappropriation of public funds, which can contribute to the state’s development. By fostering equality and togetherness, Nigeria can strive towards a stronger, more harmonious society that benefits all its citizens.

The revelation of Speaker Mudashiru Obasa’s unconstitutional plan to favor Yoruba natives in Lagos State has ignited a wave of outrage and condemnation. Gbadebo Rhodes-Vivour, among others, has staunchly criticized the Speaker’s agenda for violating constitutional principles, threatening national unity, and impeding economic prosperity. It remains to be seen how the public and relevant stakeholders will respond to this contentious issue, but the call for equality, justice, and adherence to the rule of law resonates strongly in the face of such unconstitutional actions.

Christian Maximilian, a Software Engineer with an unwavering love for writing, has transformed his passion into a full-time profession as a Political Analyst. Combining technical expertise with creative flair, he crafts compelling stories that bridge the worlds of politics and literature.

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May Edochie files a restraining order against her husband, Yul Edochie, After N100M Lawsuit



May Edochie has filed for a restraining order to prevent Yul Edochie from entering their former marital home, in addition to requesting a divorce from him and N100 million from his second wife, Judy Austin.

Recall Reportera talked about the lawsuit May Edochie levelled against Yul Edochie and Judy. In an update on the couple’s marital crisis, May Edochie, who is being represented by Femi Falana and the Eculaw group, noted that Judy and Yul are aware of the lawsuit because they have received copies of the suit papers by email.  

The mother of three has requested a court order barring Yul from entering the former marital residence. The businessman claimed that the movie star has become increasingly erratic, irrational, aggressive, and threatening. He also cited safety concerns.

According to her, Yul exhibits behaviours that suggest he may be “under some influence, the full extent or scope of which we are yet to determine.”

May recalled how security personnel had prevented Yul from entering their home the previous week and had informed him that going forward, all matters pertaining to his marriage to her and any dealings in that regard are subjudice. The three-parent mother, who recently lost her son, has taken precautions to safeguard both herself and her kids. Now, Yul has been instructed to speak with his attorney, should he choose to retain one, and to follow their advice.

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Nigerian Celebrities Who Did Plastic Surgery for a Banging Body



The definition of beauty has expanded beyond having a pretty face. It’s now fashionable to have an hourglass-shaped waist, wide hips, and a big butt.

Getting plastic surgery or even admitting to having work done on your body in Nigeria was once frowned upon.

The stories, however, are evolving as more Nigerian celebrities undergo cosmetic surgery to achieve hot bodies.

Even more unexpected is the fact that celebrities are openly admitting to having plastic surgery. Here is a list of your favourite people who have had sex-enhancing plastic surgery.


Khloe, also referred to as Abiri Olubusayo Khloe, was a season three BBNaija housemate.

The reality TV personality turned fashion and beauty entrepreneur received online criticism for a butt enlargement procedure last year.

Khloe’s dramatic body transformation stunned everyone considering how skinny and straight she was at first. Later, she confirmed rumours that she had undergone surgery.


The Bayelsa native with fair skin is well-known for the love triangle she created with Ozo on the BBN reality series.

The ex-housemate whose backside had people drooling admitted she had liposuction to make her butt bigger.

Last October, Nengi admitted to Ozo that she underwent the procedure because she felt uneasy about her large stomach.

Nengi faced a lot of online criticism after it was revealed that she had liposuction.

The former beauty queen claimed she didn’t give a damn and even encouraged women to alter their physical features if they so desired.

She added that the stigma associated with plastic bodies had ended.

Mercy Lambo

Mercy Eke, the 2019 Big Brother Pepper Dem season winner, has also undergone plastic surgery.

Initially, Mercy, who was deadly curvy and stunning, denied rumours that her butt had been surgically altered. but claimed in a later interview that she had with Ike that she had.

Ini Edo

Ini Edo was accused of having plastic surgery after she posted a photo of herself in 2019. Many claimed that she appeared fake and that a procedure had gone wrong.

The seasoned actress eventually fixed her waist’s unrealistic appearance. There are sneaky rumours that she underwent breast augmentation and liposuction.

Toke Makinwa

Toke Makinwa, a well-known OAP and social media influencer, has a stunning physique. She has, however, also undergone a well-known surgical body enhancement procedure.

The 41-year-old media personality shared her experience with cosmetic surgery in a Toke Moments episode on YouTube.

Yes, I worked out, but my breasts are natural, she admitted. In order to launch my lipstick line, I had a lip filler, but I no longer feel the need for one.

Since her procedures, the curvy Toke Makinwa has not yet expressed any regrets.

Nancy Isime

Nancy Isime, a well-known socialite and fitness enthusiast, has revealed that, contrary to what she would have us believe, she did not exercise her way to all of her new body parts; rather, she underwent cosmetic surgery. 

When Nancy’s surgery journey and old photos of her appeared together, this information was made clear. Many people were shocked to learn that their favourite fitness inspiration had taken shortcuts to get her curves and bit bottom, especially while they were working out in the gym and hoping for unattainable miracles. 

Chika Ike

Chika Ike is a naturally attractive Nigerian actress. She possessed the ideal height and body for an ebony model, as well as a naturally beautiful face.

Chika Ike decided to undergo plastic surgery to achieve a curvier shape as time went on because she seemed dissatisfied with her body shape.

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BBNaija All-Stars: I Used Over N30m For My Wedding- Frodd



Chukwuemeka Okoye, also known as Frodd, a Big Brother Naija all-stars housemate, recently spilled the beans about his lavish wedding, revealing that he spent over N30 million on the grand celebration.

While talking with his fellow housemate Cross, he revealed this.

He advised Cross to put aside enough cash before considering getting hitched.

Speaking further, Frodd showed Cross his traditional wedding photo album and said that he had spent N5 million on his wife’s bride price and a few other items.

He claimed to have spent an additional N2 million on each parent’s clothing and an additional N15 million on drinks.

He said this:

“Keep a lot of money on hand if you’re trying to get married. About N30 million went toward my traditional wedding. Drinks cost up to 15 million dollars, parents’ outfits cost about 1-2 million each, and the bride price and a few small items cost 5 million.

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