Vehicle Owners to Pay Annual Fee for Proof of Ownership Certificate in Nigeria



The Nigerian Government has recently implemented a new annual fee for vehicle owners, requiring them to obtain a Proof of Ownership Certificate (POC) and pay N1,000 for its verification. The announcement was made by Abdulhafiz Toriola, the Permanent Secretary of the Lagos Ministry of Transportation, during a press conference held on Tuesday.

The primary purpose of the certificate is to ensure the integrity of all vehicles registered on the National Vehicle and Identification Scheme (NVIS) database and to facilitate the tracking of car theft and recovery of stolen vehicles. Additionally, the POC aims to streamline the verification process for motor vehicle documents across different states, enhance the safety and security of vehicles and their owners, and contribute to the development of a comprehensive National Vehicle database for improved national security and planning.

Lagos State is set to initiate the collection of the N1,000 fee for the Proof of Ownership Certificate starting in July 2023, as stated by Abdulhafiz Toriola. He emphasized that the introduction of the annual POC aligns with the government’s commitment to transparency, security, and accountability within the transportation network.

Toriola explained, “The POC will serve as official documentation of a vehicle’s legal ownership, provided that the necessary requirements and procedures are successfully completed.” The certificate will contain essential information such as the vehicle’s registration details (e.g., license plate number, model, and year of manufacture) as well as the owner’s name and address.

The decision to implement the annual Proof of Ownership Certificate nationwide was made in accordance with the National Road Traffic Regulation 2012 as amended, No. 101, Vol. 99. Section 73-(1) of the regulation mandates the issuance of a Proof of Ownership Certificate for all registered vehicles. Furthermore, Section 73-(1-6) specifies that the commission should establish and maintain a centralized database for vehicles and drivers across the federation.

While this new requirement may represent an additional financial burden for vehicle owners, it aims to enhance the overall transparency and security of the transportation system in Nigeria. By ensuring proper documentation and verification of vehicle ownership, the government aims to curb car theft, support law enforcement efforts, and promote a safer and more accountable environment for motorists.

Vehicle owners in Lagos State are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the necessary procedures and requirements for obtaining the Proof of Ownership Certificate, as compliance with this new regulation will be essential for maintaining legal ownership of their vehicles.


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