Who is Speed Darlington? All You Need to Know About the Singer



Speed Darlington, also known as Darlington Okoye, is a name that has gone viral multiple times on social media, captivating audiences with his unique persona and music. Hailing from his hometown of Arondizuogu in Imo State, Nigeria, Speed Darlington is a US-based Nigerian songwriter, musician, dancer, singer, and social media comedian. His life and career have been anything but ordinary.

Who is Speed Darlington? All You Need to Know About the Singer

Early Life and Background

Born on 13th March to parents Mr. Pericoma Okoye and Mrs. Queen Theresa Onuorah, Speed Darlington’s early life was spent in his native Imo State before he moved to New York, USA. His parents, both talented musicians themselves, may have influenced his career choices, as he started his journey as a dancer in the ’90s before transitioning to the music industry in 2017.

The Rise to Fame, Career and Achievements

Speed Darlington first gained attention on social media in 2016 when his music videos went viral. He gained popularity with phrases like “energy god,” “Scorpio king,” and “Irregular speedometer.” His music, particularly the hit “Bang da Dadang” released in 2017, further fueled his rise to stardom.

Speed Darlington has released several songs, including popular hits like “Popping Heavy,” “Cash & Carry,” “Enigma,” and “Saturday Night.” His style, performances, and most importantly, personality, have garnered both praise and criticism, but he remains optimistic on his path to stardom.

Speed Darlington: A man of Controversy

Aside from his music, Speed Darlington has been in the headlines for his controversial statements and social media feuds. He fearlessly expresses his views on various topics, from political figures to Nigerian leaders, and has engaged in fiery exchanges with celebrities like Princess Vitarah, Bobrisky, Don Jazzy, and Wizkid. He is known to be very outspoken and expressive. Below, we delve into some of his clashes with prominent figures and the controversies he had sparked:

Princess Vitarah

Princess Vitarah, a somewhat controversial Naija celebrity, sought to escalate her fame and gain more followers by initiating a feud with Speed Darlington. Not content with her current level of recognition, she proposed a beef to Speed Darlington through a private message, with the intention of using the ensuing drama to elevate her name. In response, Speed Darlington decided not to entertain the idea of gaining more fans and fame through a public feud. Instead, he exposed Princess Vitarah’s proposition by sharing a screenshot of their chat on social media.

Princess Vitarah


Speed Darlington sparked controversy by questioning Bobrisky’s sexuality and motives. In a video posted online, Speed Darlington accused the popular crossdresser of pretending to be gay merely to gain access to other men’s girlfriends. He criticized Bobrisky’s behavior, claiming that he often hangs out with actress Tonto Dikeh and behaves in a feminine manner, going as far as joking about missing his period.


Don Jazzy

Speed Darlington sparked a widespread reaction among his fanbase and that of the music producer and Mavin boss, Don Jazzy, when he openly expressed his views on the success of Don Jazzy in the music industry despite having what he perceived as a “not-so-good” voice. In a video posted on his Instagram page, Speed Darlington expressed his belief that if Don Jazzy could achieve such success with his “croaky voice,” then he too could make it in the music industry. By openly questioning Don Jazzy’s vocal abilities and attributing his success to factors other than pure musical talent, Speed Darlington sparked debates among fans and followers of both artists.

Don Jazzy


Speed Darlington also ignited a social media feud with Afrobeats star Wizkid after Wizkid made a comment about rappers during an interview with 10 magazine. Wizkid argued in favor of Afrobeats dominating the Hip Hop genre and stated that rap is dead, mentioning that many rappers have similar styles and rap on the same beats. Speed Darlington took the feud a step further by releasing a diss track against Wizkid, calling him a whack artiste who couldn’t measure up to his lifestyle.

In the diss video, Speed Darlington boasted about throwing lavish parties with many pretty girls, in contrast to “Wizkid’s low-budget parties”. He warned Wizkid not to cross paths with him in New York, USA, or the Nigerian states of Imo and Lagos. The feud garnered attention and further discussions among fans and followers of both artists.


Views on Polygamy

Speed Darlington stirred controversy when he expressed his belief that men are not meant to be with one woman. He argued that monogamy goes against the nature of Africans and the entire black race. His outspoken stance on polygamy sparked debates and discussions about traditional relationships.

Demand for Payment for Photos

In an infamous incident at a shopping mall, Speed Darlington demanded payment of N5,000 from fans who wanted to take pictures with him. The video of this encounter went viral, leading to heated discussions about the ethics of charging fans for photos and whether it was justified given his status as an entertainer. He later acknowledged the story and stated that entertainment is his livelihood; he said maintaining his lifestyle requires money and that if the fans saw the value in taking pictures with him, they should be able to pay for it.

Love and Personal Life

In his personal life, Speed Darlington has made it clear that he’s not one to conform to societal norms. He embraces his heritage and descent, regularly alluding to his Igbo roots through his choice of clothing, occasional use of his indigenous dialect, and traditional beads that he wears with pride. Additionally, Speed’s candidness extends to matters of the heart, as he publicly admitted to having a huge crush on actress Tonto Dike. In July, 2017, he shared a video of him singing a special number made for Tonto Dikeh.

Tonto Dikeh

One intriguing aspect of Speed Darlington’s personal life is his relationship with his parents. He revealed that he is the son of the late folk singer Chief Pericoma Mezuo Okoye, who passed away in 2017. Despite expressing hatred for his father, Speed acknowledged missing him when he was gone. “I hated him and I kinda miss him indirectly now that he is gone. I have to pay to punish people now. When he was around if girl say no to me or someone cross me? I just call him and cry over the phone and he took care of the rest”, he stated. Let us explore who his father was.

Speed Darlington’s Father

Speed Darlington, Father, and siblings
Image source: validupdates

Speed Darlington’s father, Chief Pericoma, was a highly revered figure in his community, known for being a traditional musician and a strong traditionalist. He carried various titles such as “Arusi Makaja 1 of Arondizuogu,” “Arusi Ndizuogu,” “Lion of Africa,” “Okala-mmuo, Okala-mmadu,” “Oje-na mmuo,” and “Oke-arusi izuogu na iheme.” His spiritual powers and reputation as a native doctor earned him both respect and fear from many.

These abilities defied science and left people in awe of his seemingly otherworldly powers. He also delved into the world of acting, starring in a film titled “Lion of Africa,” which depicted his life journey and significant contributions to the community.

Pericoma Okoye demonstrated his extraordinary powers during an encounter with tax collectors at Upper Iweka in Onitsha. These tax collectors were known for their oppressive practices. Unaware of Pericoma’s identity, they confronted him and asked for his tax receipts, which he chose to ignore, leading to a confrontation. One of the tax collectors decided to physically assert his authority by lifting Pericoma onto his shoulders and carrying him to their office.

However, to their astonishment, as the journey progressed, Pericoma’s weight inexplicably increased, causing the man carrying him to struggle immensely. Despite their efforts, they couldn’t put him down, and Pericoma remained calm and composed throughout the ordeal. Eventually, Pericoma spoke, and he insisted that the gods must be appeased before he would come down. He made specific demands, including a sum of money, which the tax collectors provided. After some hours, Pericoma descended from the tax collector’s shoulders, ending the incident.

This extraordinary event left a lasting impact on the community, earning Pericoma the saying “Pericoma na anyị ajọ alo” – conveying the idea that he doesn’t descend easily. Moreover, the incident put an end to illegal tax collections at Upper Iweka.

Pericoma Okoye also held a significant role as the prime minister of the Arondizuogu community in Imo State. His multifaceted talents and profound influence left an indelible mark on the culture and traditions of Igboland, and his legacy continues to be cherished by many.

Speed Darlington’s Net Worth

Among the many facets of Speed Darlington’s life, his net worth is a topic of interest. While it’s challenging to pinpoint an exact figure, estimates suggest that his net worth falls somewhere between $100,000 and $300,000, a testament to his successful journey in the music industry and social media engagement.


Speed Darlington’s controversial nature and outspoken personality have made him a prominent figure in the music and entertainment industry. While his actions have sparked debates and attracted criticism, they have also contributed to his unique brand and reputation as an unconventional rapper. From his rise to fame on social media to his controversial statements and memorable feuds, he remains a prominent figure in the Nigerian music scene. As he continues on his journey, fans and critics alike await what this “Irregular Speedometer” will do next.

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