Why Most Reality TV Show Winners don’t Succeed in The Music Business- Iyanya



Popular musician, Iyanya, who shot to fame as Project Fame West Africa Season 1’s victor, recently discussed the reasons why many reality TV show winners struggle to succeed following their win in an interview with Hip TV.

He asserts that a sizable portion of reality TV show winners never started out with the express purpose of becoming famous.

Their success on these shows frequently results from a lucky break where they demonstrate their talent and unpredictably win.

He also clarified that the participants who go on to succeed in their careers are typically individuals who have a clear vision and desire to become famous.

These people had earnestly prayed and hoped for a platform like the reality program, and once they had it, they were eager to seize the chance with both hands.

Iyanya essentially thinks that a contestant’s success after winning a reality TV show depends on how passionate and committed they are to the process.

He went into more detail on the factors that can affect the winners’ post-win journeys on reality TV shows. He emphasized that, although winning a reality program could result in a brief period of recognition and attention, it doesn’t always imply future success in the entertainment business.

Iyanya believes that some victors do not have the motivation and determination needed to maintain their newfound reputation.

They might have simply taken a chance on the opportunity without fully knowing the demands and difficulties that come with being a public person, entering the competition without a clear plan for their future professional lives.


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