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In the world of music and entertainment, Youngboy Never Broke Again, whose real name is Kentrell DeSean Gaulden, stands out not only for his captivating music but also for his intriguing family life. The 23-year-old American rapper has garnered immense fame and recognition, not only for his musical prowess but also due to his status as a father to multiple children. Despite his young age, NBA YoungBoy’s journey through fatherhood has been a subject of fascination and curiosity within the entertainment industry.

NBA YoungBoy

YoungBoy Never Broke Again: A Musical Sensation:

NBA, “Never Broke Again” YoungBoy’s rise to stardom has been nothing short of remarkable. His music resonates deeply with fans, propelling him to the forefront of the rap scene. His catchy beats and authentic lyrics have earned him a devoted following, contributing significantly to his widespread adoration.

The Family Man that is YoungBoy “Never Broke Again”

Beyond the spotlight, YoungBoy “Never Broke Again” family life has become a topic of interest. The rapper has consistently been in the headlines, not just for his musical accomplishments, but also due to his personal life and controversies. One of the primary reasons for this attention is his expanding family, as he has fathered multiple children with different women, a fact that has piqued the curiosity of many.

YoungBoy “Never Broke Again” Proud Fatherhood

Despite the media attention and occasional controversies, YoungBoy Never Broke Again remains a proud and dedicated father. He has often been compared to notable figures like Elon Musk and Nick Cannon, who also have a large number of children. The rapper’s social media is adorned with glimpses of him spending quality time with his kids, showcasing his commitment to being an active presence in their lives.

Meet the Children of NBA YoungBoy

As of 2023, YoungBoy “Never Broke Again” is known to have publicly acknowledged ten of his children. These children hail from various relationships, and each one carries a unique story.

Kayden Gaulden (Draco): Born on July 4, 2016, Kayden is NBA YoungBoy’s eldest child, from his relationship with Nisha.

NBA “Never Broke Again” YoungBoy’s first child

Kamiri Gaulden (K3) and Kamron (Baby K): Born on July 6, 2017, Kamiri and Kamron are the offspring of NBA YoungBoy and social media personality Starr Dejanee.

Kamiri Gaulden (K3) and Kamron (Baby K)

Taylin Gaulden (Tay Tay): Born on March 19, 2017, Taylin is NBA YoungBoy’s child from his liaison with Trinia Nia.

Taylin Gaulden (Tay Tay): Child of YoungBoy Never Broke Again

Kacey Alexander Gaulden: Born on February 13, 2019, Kacey is the child of NBA YoungBoy and American YouTuber Jania Meshell.

Kacey Alexander Gaulden: YoungBoy Never Broke Again, NBA YoungBoy

Armani Gaulden: Born in June 2020, Armani is the child of NBA YoungBoy and Nisha, making him Kayden’s biological brother.

Armani Gaulden

Kodi Capri: Born on November 26, 2020, Kodi is the offspring of NBA YoungBoy and American actress Drea Symone.

Kodi Capri

Love Alice Gaulden: Born in April 2021, Love Alice is NBA YoungBoy’s first child with Jazlyn Mychelle, an American beauty influencer, vlogger, and model.

Love Alice Gaulden

Kentrell Gaulden Jr. (KJ): Born on January 9, 2022, KJ is the son of NBA YoungBoy and Iyanna ‘Yaya’ Mayweather, daughter of former professional boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Kentrell Gaulden Jr.

Kaell Gaulden: Born on January 9, 2022, Kaell is the child of NBA YoungBoy and Arcola.

Klemenza Tru: Born in September 2022, Klemenza is the son of NBA YoungBoy and his wife, Jazlyn Mychelle.

NBA YoungBoy’s journey as a young rapper and father has been nothing short of extraordinary. His musical achievements have catapulted him to superstardom, while his role as a father has captured the attention of many. Despite the controversies and complexities of his personal life, NBA YoungBoy remains committed to his children, showcasing his dedication as a proud and involved father. As the rapper continues to evolve both in his career and as a family man, his story serves as an inspiration to many, highlighting the complexities and joys of modern fatherhood in the spotlight.

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